Outstanding feature

3 distinct values ​​of ClassClap

Connecting parents

Convenient for parents to follow the entire school learning process and homework. Therefore, parents can easily support their children to study at home.

Flexible application

Highly customizable application that can be flexibly applied to a wide range of classroom systems at schools or classrooms.

Update information

More convenient with just a few taps on smartphones, immediately after the teacher updates. Parents can fully collect information in the classroom.

ClassClap helps teachers:

  • Classroom management: Create multiple classes at the same time on the app, divide groups in a class, add or remove students, create class schedules and activities at the school.
  • Control information: Authenticate parents, take attendance of students daily
  • Communicate easily with parents: Teachers can talk with the whole parents or discuss with each parent individually.
  • Report assessing and mark for each student: Each student will have learning and training results (positive and need improvement), evaluate and give detailed scores of each student or many students at the same time, summary report by day/week/month/year …
  • Quickly update information to each parent: Notifications will be sent to the parent’s device
  • Parents immediately take notifications after the teacher posts news or pictures on the common message board.

ClassClap helps parents:

  • Capturing the situation of their children anytime, anywhere helps parents to be assured during their children’s time at school
  • Participate in student assessment at home to create an environment that encourages your child’s integral development
  • Send/receive notifications quickly, eliminating errors caused by missing information
  • Look up class schedule, look up scores by day / week / month / year

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