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3 distinct values ​​of ClassClap

Connecting parents

Convenient for parents to follow the entire school learning process and homework. Therefore, parents can easily support their children to study at home.

Flexible application

Highly customizable application that can be flexibly applied to a wide range of classroom systems at schools or classrooms.

Update information

More convenient with just a few taps on smartphones, immediately after the teacher updates. Parents can fully collect information in the classroom.
Introduce about

ClassClap Application

ClassClap is a classroom management application platform that connects students' information at school and home, making information between the two sides always update.

The ClassClap classroom management application platform is a tool for teachers and parents to communicate effectively. The application offers many outstanding features: Teachers can use the application to manage multiple classes, take attendance, grade, evaluate students, send notifications to parents, connect in the form of social networks. Parents can use the application to receive information from one or more children, and keep in touch with teachers.

The application aims to build an optimal environment for comprehensive human development for students and students.

Currently, ClassClap is available on IOS and Android. Application will be played and is completely free for teachers.

CLASSCLAP builds closer relationships

Between Teacher and Parents

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Join the community using ClassClap school management software

ClassClap school management software currently has community groups in different countries and areas to well serve the exchange needs of the user community.


School management with many utilities coming soon on ClassClap app

School management is simpler than ever with features coming soon from ClassClap. ClassClap plans to launch an account for school leaders in the near future.


ClassClap – the application that unites schools and parents

ClassClap classroom management application has solved up to 80% of the workload for homeroom teachers, effectively connecting parents and teachers.