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Many teachers are interested in the Webinar “Applying technology in modern school management”

At 7:30 p.m. on December 15, the webinar “Applying technology in modern school management” took place with the attention of many teachers.

At 7:30 p.m. on December 15, the webinar “Applying technology in modern school management” took place with the attention of many teachers across the country.

The seminar aims to provide teachers with tools to handle the large workload in school and classroom management. The features on ClassClap have been highly appreciated by participating teachers for the ability to simplify and optimize this activity.

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Ms. Dang Hong Loan – Teacher of Hoang Liet Secondary School, Hanoi shared features on ClassClap that are very suitable for classroom management. Activities in each classroom such as posting news articles, giving bonus/minus points to students, grading subjects, adding timetables, and chatting with teachers are all integrated on the application. Teachers can both teach and grade students directly on the system by phone or computer. It is very convenient because the operation only takes 1 second and is intuitive with images so teachers do not worry about mistakes. These points are listed by day/month/year so it’s very easy to keep track. Therefore, Ms. Loan highly appreciates ClassClap’s support ability in classroom management.

Sharing about school management features at the seminar, Mr. Phan Trac Huong – Principal of Ta Mung Ethnic Minority day-boarding Primary School (Lai Chau), gave specific evidence that ClassClap application has contributed to effective management. school. General and basic daily activities of the school are managed on the school board account, such as the total school population, requests from teachers, number of posts from classes, and schedules of all teachers. ,… Teacher Huong said that the population management feature is very useful for Ta Mung Ethnic Minority day-boarding Primary School, because with this feature, administrators do not have to wait for data from classes to synthesize. The application statistics this data in great detail. Based on that, the manager makes a boarding plan, sends the data to the Department of Education and captures the number of students absent from school to encourage students to come to school.

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The teachers participating in the webinar gave questions to the speaker to get answers about issues surrounding the application of ClassClap in school management and school management. Besides, teachers also participated in mini games to win valuable gifts from ClassClap. In addition, all participating teachers received a certificate for attending the webinar “Applying technology in modern school management”. ClassClap greatly appreciates the attention of teachers. In the coming time, ClassClap will continue to organize more related webinars so that teachers can share experiences in applying technology in modern school management.

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