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ClassClap – Primary school management application that makes kids love to go to school

ClassClap primary school management application incorporates a clear training grade that makes children enjoy school every day.

ClassClap primary school management application integrates the practice score calculation with the system of plus and minus points, which will make children more interested in accumulating lots of good points, thereby gradually forming good habits and also makes children enjoy attending school every day.

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Children are interested in the training score system on the ClassClap Primary School management application 

In order to organize an orderly, well-organized class, it is essential to evaluate each individual to help the child to improve. Teachers often perform various forms of classroom management by cross-monitoring, scoring practice, … for each member. This approach is familiar but has not achieved high efficiency. When applying the ClassClap Primary School Management application, things will become a lot simpler.

When a student is doing well, the teacher simply clicks on the reward for the appropriate job. These scores are previously configured by teachers with clear criteria. Customizing the bonus or reminder items is also very simple, you just need to name the behavior and set the number of plus or minus points. Once setup is complete, the teacher can easily grade the student by selecting the student’s name and choosing the corresponding plus or minus score for the student or group.

Accordingly, the added or subtracted score will be counted every day, every week, every month depending on the teacher’s need to see statistics and is also the basis for rewarding gifts for students. Every child likes to be rewarded, which will be the motivation for them to accumulate many good points as well as practice good habits for themselves.

Parents also contribute to the evaluation of their children thanks to the ClassClap Primary school management application

The launch of ClassClap could make a positive change in teachers’ student management habits. If in the past, the exercise evaluation of the child was only done from one side, nowadays, the evaluation of this process can have help from parents.

Instructions for logging in and using ClassClap Primary School Management Application for parents

While at home, parents can use the ClassClap classroom management app to evaluate their child’s practice – just like teachers do in class. With the customizable score items feature, parents can also create lists of rewards and jobs that need their child’s attention, just like a teacher did in class. When your child helps her mother wash dishes, sweep the house, look after her, know how to practice the habit of queuing, … parents can give bonus points to their children.

On the contrary, when the child has a bad behavior such as getting up late, not disposing of garbage at the right place, … parents can tick the “need to pay attention” and notify the child not to repeat that behavior next time.

All scored grades by parents at home will also be displayed with the teacher. The teacher completely adds this score to the part of the grade she has scored in class to evaluate competition – which are forms of commenting and encouraging children to progress. Inform your child that if they work hard, they will get a bonus and this bonus can help them receive praise in class, they will be excited. Many teachers have also worked on organizing class schedules using the grading method, and with the ClassClap primary school management application, this becomes even easier.

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The ClassClap Primary School Management application creates fun for students coming to school

Combining family and school education closely and still motivating students thanks to the system of plus and minus points, ClassClap really makes primary school children happier with training themselves.

The power of school and home connection is demonstrated by the child’s progress, both at home or at school. The ultimate goal that the ClassClap School Management Application wants is to build the best environment for the growth of each individual student. Let your children enjoy the joys of getting better each day with ClassClap.

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