ClassClap contributes to changing the face of educational management in highland areas

The ClassClap has contributed significantly to improving educational management activities at Ta Mung Ethnic Minority day-boarding Primary School.


Many teachers are interested in the Webinar “Applying technology in modern school management”

At 7:30 p.m. on December 15, the webinar “Applying technology in modern school management” took place with the attention of many teachers.


Register for meals – More convenient thanks to the ClassClap school management app

With the meal registration management feature on the ClassClap school management app, meal management for students will be optimized.


Launching school management features on ClassClap

On July 22, 2023, ClassClap officially launched the school management feature on ClassClap web version with many support utilities for school leadership.


Join the community using ClassClap school management software

ClassClap school management software currently has community groups in different countries and areas to well serve the exchange needs of the user community.


School management with many utilities coming soon on ClassClap app

School management is simpler than ever with features coming soon from ClassClap. ClassClap plans to launch an account for school leaders in the near future.


Applying information technology in classroom management effectively

With the topic: “Applying information technology in classroom management effectively”, the online seminar from ClassClap and Classpoint provided methods to improve teachers’ classroom management with the modern technology application, especially in the new school year.


Masterkids Communication Academy has chosen ClassClap classroom management tool, what about your school?

Choosing ClassClap classroom management tool, Masterkids leadership wants to connect students with parents during the training process.


Multi-platform classroom management solution: Technology to support for homeroom teacher

ClassClap aims to develop a multi-platform classroom management solution (both web and app) for teachers to use regardless of device.


ClassClap classroom management application: Chat quickly – connect strongly

ClassClap classroom management application connects all information between classrooms and families, becoming a social network for the classroom.


The most popular educational management application nowadays

Education management applications give schools effective methods to manage students, which are very popular in educational institutions today.


Build smart education with ClassClap at the Hanoi Education Information Technology Festival

The companionship of ClassClap with the Son Tay Town Education and Training Department has shown its determination to innovate and apply Information Technology in education here.