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Get rid of the headache in finding primary management software in the 4.0 era

ClassClap is primary management software helping to manage students more easily when the education requires to apply technology advances in the 4.0 era.

The management of primary school students in the 4.0 era requires high requirements on modern technology management methods. Because technological advances and achievements not only appear in many other areas of life, including education. ClassClap primary management software will help school administrators get rid of the worries of finding a management solution that meets all that needs.

Primary management software solves the problem of technology application

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ClassClap primary management software manages students by means of communication between teachers and parents. For parents, children’s information at school every day is extremely important because parents are always the ones who want to follow their children in the process of growing up, including the process of their children going to school.

Historically, teachers communicating with parents to inform them about their child’s information at school has mostly been transmitted through tools and devices such as contact books, phones and, Other online communication platforms such as Facebook, Zalo,… recently. Although there have been great strides in linking parents with teachers, the aforementioned applications are not really optimal to provide complete, fast and accurate information for parents.

ClassClap primary management software connects teachers and parents closely

ClassClap primary school management software was born with thorough research on information needs as well as other essential features to support the parenting process at home and educating students at school. Instead of the usual texting or calling application platforms, ClassClap offers an application that can satisfy all the wishes of both parents and teachers.

For teachers, ClassClap primary student management software can support statistics scores and the student’s training process for parents.

For parents, ClassClap helps parents to timely grasp the information of their children for more appropriate educational measures.

This close connection is also reflected in the form of a strong interaction between teachers and parents. ClassClap provides a miniature social networking platform where teachers and parents can comment on their classroom posts. Calling, texting, sending notifications, … all can be done easily right on the app. This usability is the factor that many parents and teachers expect from a product for school management, classroom management in the 4.0 era.

Building the most optimal environment for children to develop is the task of ClassClap primary management software

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With the desire to develop children comprehensively, ClassClap Primary Student Management software brings benefits for parents as well as teachers to accompany students’ development.

At school, the student is cared for by the teacher and the child’s classroom information is also communicated to parents. It seems that the child’s activities at home have not been paid much attention. Thus, ClassClap wants to make activities at home one of your child’s goals. Every day, outside class time, children can also practice other good habits at home.

On the ClassClap application, for each child’s good activity, parents can completely praise and give bonus points to their children. These bonus points are the recognition of parents and teachers for their children’s efforts. Children will feel confident as well as motivated to try to improve themselves.

ClassClap primary management software does not put children under pressure

Consider this tool as a means of support for parents to better accompany their children. Whether a child has pressure on parental management or not depends entirely on adult attitudes toward children. The method of guiding children to practice is very important, if parents apply the wrong method (over-rewarding, too heavy punishment, …), their children will feel uncomfortable with this management. Thus, skillfully use ClassClap to recognize your child’s progress whether at home or at school will make your child fulfill his or her best.

The coordination of both schools and parents is a key factor playing a decisive role when implementing the method of managing primary students using this application. When there is a close connection, mutual interaction, understanding of the situation, the two sides can come up with the best solution for each individual student. The ClassClap classroom management application provides the ultimate support tool for this activity.

School management in the 4.0 era will no longer be a concern with the emergence of ClassClap. Download the most useful primary management software here:

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