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Ngày 13 tháng 02 năm 2023

Join the community using ClassClap school management software

ClassClap school management software currently has community groups in different countries and areas to well serve the exchange needs of the user community.

Ngày 19 tháng 09 năm 2022

Applying information technology in classroom management effectively

With the topic: “Applying information technology in classroom management effectively”, the online seminar from ClassClap and Classpoint provided methods to improve teachers’ classroom management with the modern technology application, especially in the new school year.

Ngày 22 tháng 08 năm 2022

Masterkids Communication Academy has chosen ClassClap classroom management tool, what about your school?

Choosing ClassClap classroom management tool, Masterkids leadership wants to connect students with parents during the training process.

Ngày 12 tháng 08 năm 2021

ClassClap classroom management application: Chat quickly – connect strongly

ClassClap classroom management application connects all information between classrooms and families, becoming a social network for the classroom.

Ngày 18 tháng 06 năm 2021

The most popular educational management application nowadays

Education management applications give schools effective methods to manage students, which are very popular in educational institutions today.

Ngày 15 tháng 04 năm 2021

Build smart education with ClassClap at the Hanoi Education Information Technology Festival

The companionship of ClassClap with the Son Tay Town Education and Training Department has shown its determination to innovate and apply Information Technology in education here.

Ngày 15 tháng 03 năm 2021

ClassClap classroom management application contributes to the digital transformation of Son Tay Town education

ClassClap classroom management application has attracted the attention of teachers in applying information technology to teaching and school management in Son Tay town.

Ngày 24 tháng 02 năm 2021

Parents of Newton Goldmark students are satisfied with the ClassClap classroom management application in the online classroom

The ClassClap classroom management application not only gives 2A2 students of Newton Goldmark Primary School an interesting experience during online lessons, but also helps parents keep track of every small change of their child everyday.

Ngày 16 tháng 09 năm 2020

Student management application – Essentials for modern teachers

With student management application, homeroom work has been simplified, teachers’ work has also been streamlined many times.